Welcome to my site! My name is Kamari Foreman, but you can call me Kam for short. I am a New York based Life & Style Blogger. The idea to begin blogging came about over a glass of wine with a designer friend of mine Kenny M. at the end of 2013.

We were watching couture runway shows on YouTube and critiquing them when he turned to me and said - "you have a good eye... maybe you should try getting into fashion yourself." That's when Perceived Style was born lol. I've always wanted to go into fashion I just didn't know how. Besides, I've always had an obsession with classic prep, traveling, food, grooming, beauty products, and fashion in general, so it was a good fit for me.

Before my blogging days I used to be very depressed, very overweight, self conscious, and constantly self-defeating myself. Blogging helped pull me out of that. It taught me to live life, love the skin I'm in, and care about what's on/in it. So when I was creating the blog it was easy to decide what it would be about.

The main focus of Perceived Style Blog is to provide style inspiration, and motivate my readers to be the best version of themselves. I love hearing from my readers - so if I missed anything or you want to say hi you can email me at PerceivedStyle@Gmail.com. For a quicker response, send me a message on my Twitter or Instagram.





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