How To Wear Accessories?

As I begin to do more and more research into the world of fashion, accessories are slowly becoming my favorite staple.  Some of these staple embellishments include tie bar, collar pins, belts, and lapel pins. I am always trying to incorporate these items into any look but, I sometimes get rebuttal from friends until they see the finished product. I’m usually pretty successful at making these staple must haves work. For me achieving a polished look is important. Remember, no matter what your personal style you can always look clean and sophisticated.

Accessories are a major key in making most looks steer from just “ok” to “wow you look great!”  However some men may see wearing accessories daunting, but I beg to differ.  Accessories can elevate your look and take it to the next level, in most cases anyway.  A big mistake that some of us make is wearing too many accessories. Always remember to keep it clean, simple, and not over the top. If your new to wearing accessories start with the simple staple items.

Staple items that could help in making your look masculine but chic are; lapel pins, collar bars, and tie bars.  Depending on where you go to buy these items, you can find them relatively inexpensive (ex. Amazon, EBay, Tie Bar, etc..).  Go for more unique accessories that will help in adding character to your desired look. Remember, your accessory should elevate your look and have purpose.


Here are some quick tips on how to wear these staples:

Tie Bar Tips:

  • Wear a tie bar between the third and fourth button of your shirt. Any lower and it distracts from the overall effect of the look you’re going for, and may draw attention to your waist.
  • A Tie bar only attaches the front and back of the tie to your shirt. Do not use a tie bar to keep your tie together.
  • Finally, never wear a tie bar that's wider than your tie. Again this is something that distracts from your overall look, and may cause puckering on your tie.
tie bar.jpg

Lapel Pin Tips:

  •  Do not attach to your shirt. This is used to draw attention to your lapel (thus the name lol) so focus on that.
  •  Lapel pins are generally used for more casual looks, and have a greater effect with casual blazers.
  • Even though a lapel pin is used to draw attention to your jacket it can also be used to fasten a scarf as well. Be careful with its placement if you are securing an accessory with it as you don’t want to look busy.

Collar Bar Tips:

  • 1. If using a bar for a formal look try keeping your tie knot simple. A four-in-hand knot is usually best with this accessory.
  • 2. Try pairing the bar with a simple color and/or shirt design for maximum effect.
  • 3. Avoid crazy patterns as they run the risk of looking tacky, and overshadowing your accessory.
collar bar.jpg

Below is a good example of how to wear a collar bar in a casual look, but I urge you all to try different pieces and looks for yourself. As they say “you never know until you try”.



What accessories do you wear with your looks?

Leave me a comment above. Thank you for reading everyone.

Peace & Style,

Kam. K

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