Pantone Dress Code

Finally, May is almost upon us! You know what that means right? Summer is right around the corner. And even though I'm not looking forward to complaining about the heat as I always do every summer. I am however looking forward to breaking out my Bermuda shorts and hitting the beach. But before I start packing my Beachball an umbrella let's finish up spring first.

So while the iron is hot I thought it would be fitting to straight down some deals on this seasons pantone color marsala. You all know I have a love-hate relationship with trends, but this color speaks to me… And makes me look darn good too. He is the number I put together to celebrate the end of spring and beginning of summer. Are you guys excited for summer?

Have you been wearing marsala this spring?


Perceived Style

My name is Kevin Kamari Foreman but you can call me Kam for short. I am a New York based up and coming designer/stylist. The idea to begin blogging about fashion came about over a glass of wine with a designer friend of mine Kenny M. at the end of 2013. I was showing him some of the looks I had put together for my birthday when he turned to me and said - "you have a good eye... maybe you should try getting into fashion yourself." That's when Perceived Style was born. I have an obsession with classic American prep, bodybuilding, grooming, beauty products, and fashion in general so it was a good fit for me. Before my blogging days I used to be very depressed, very overweight, self conscious, and constantly self-defeating myself. Fashion helped pull me out of that. It taught me to live life, love the skin I'm in, and care about what's on it. So when I was creating the blog it was easy to decide what it would be about. The main focus of Perceived Style is to inspire people to be comfortable in their own skin, to smile more, and to care more about their overall appearance using tips and photos. Job History: I used to work at BFCU in bethpage long island. Now I am the creative directior/CEO for Perceived Style and a freelance menswear designer as of June 2014. Education: I went to Farmingdale College for 2 years then moved to Hofstra for the last 2 years. I presently am taking continuing classing in blogging, fashion writing, and design. Interests: Art, Fashion Shows, Menswear, Shopping, Photography, Womens Fashion, and Food/Movies.