4 Must Have Everyday Bags (Men)

"It's 9 AM do you know where your presentation is?"

"I thought I had it here...."

For a long time that was a question my boss would ask me almost every morning. Now, before you write me off as a slacker here me out. As a working professional man in New York I tend to carry a lot of papers around with me, on top my iPad, laptop, note pads, books... etc. Having come from a banking background (with the use of a car) I was not use to having to bring a lot with me during the week let alone carry it all from place to place. One day after the day's notes from an important meeting got "Marilyn Monroed" over a steam grate, I realized it was time to get it together. Since a regular hard briefcase wouldn't cut it, I took to the streets and found four great options to suit all of my needs. Here are my top picks:

Tote Bag:

Though tote bags are traditionally a women's bag major brands have revamped this classic into a staple menswear accessory. Totes are usually equipped with a strap to carry over the shoulder and are deep enough for any documents, tech equipment, and other items needed for the day. What made this bag one of my picks other than it already being in my collection (as you'll see here) is it's ease and size. Diesel and Newman Bros. make my favorite totes at the moment. Click here to check them out: Diesel - Bros.

Weekender Bag

For a long time I always thought that weekenders were too large, sometimes to feminine, and/or just looked like luggage. But, as they say don't judge a book by it's cover. Upon getting my first weekender I quickly saw how useful it could be. This bag is not only great as vacation or weekend luggage as the name suggests but is good for holding gym cloths and everyday items any modern day man needs due to it's size and durability. My favorites right now are the Canvas Weekendbag from H&M, and the Embossy Tony Weekender by Marc Jacobs. Check them out here: Marc - H&M.

Document Holder:

Now this was yet another bag that sat on the menswear or women's wear fence for quite some time with me. I'd always see the chicest most fashionable new yorkers (both men and women) carrying them and never understood why. A friend of mine visiting from Greece shed light on this mysterious bag for me in saying: "It is not about it's size, it is about its function. A document holder is to keep a small amount as close to you as possible in the chicest, simplest way imaginable. Think of it like a clutch for man."   That was enough for me to grab one, and I've never looked back. Two of my favs here are the Leather Hyson Document Holder by Burberry, and the Medium Ninja Pouch by Otaat. Check them out here: Burberry - Otaat.



Last, but certainly not the least is the briefcase. There is something very gratifying about carrying a briefcase while wearing a suit in New York City. A briefcase makes you feel slightly more important or powerful - well it has that effect on me anyway. However, most traditional briefcases are a bit too stuffy for my taste despite my trend prep aesthetic. I generally like my bags to have the ability to transition from the business attire to casual prep since I so often mix the two. So the shape and material make all the difference to me. If the bag is in a canvas or plastic feeling material it will most likely look a bit casual. The boxier the bag is will make it appear less casual. So when it came down to it I went with Prada's Logo Leather Bag, and Ted Baker's Contrast Corner Case. The shape of these two are not severe, they are the perfect size, and have a modern look to them. Check them out here: Ted Baker - Prada.

What was the last bag you bought? Do you guys have a favorite everyday bag?

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