How to Clean Out Your Closet?

As with many New Yorkers space is a huge issue for me. I love to shop I just don’t always have a place to put everything. So, every two seasons, I clean out my closet and, put things in storage to make room for new things. Now overhauling your closet might seem like a daunting task but, try not to get discouraged. Just ask yourself the following questions to get the ball rolling:

  1. What’s the best thing about your wardrobe?
    1. Take a minute and decide what you love about your wardrobe.  What you keep your cloths in is just as important as the cloths themselves. With space being such a big factor in so many major cities its only natural that selecting a wardrobe would be impacting by how much you can fit. Be practical about how many pieces you’re looking to purchase. Having 30 pairs of skinny jeans is fine if you have the space. If you don’t well then you’re a hoarder and that’s not cute. 
  2. Is your wardrobe visible?
    1. Being able to physically see your clothing is just as important if not more important than selecting it. The reason that I say that is because most people tend to adopt the “out of sight out of mind” mentality. It makes sense if you think about it. I know for me the last thing that I am thinking about in the morning is climbing way into my closet to mine for a look to wear that day. If I’m in a rush I’m lucky if I am awake let alone stylish.
  3. Is your closet or rack neat?
    1. A neat closet is a big factor in cleaning out your wardrobe. A busy working person is more likely to part with certain garments if everything is not in a big pile…..
  4. What do I do with my cloths I don’t need?
    1. There are a ton of things you can do with old cloths, especially if they’re vintage. You can bring your cloths to your local consignment store to sell, and/or donate pieces. Ebay is a great outlet for selling items in good condition. I've been known to grab a few pieces from eBay as well. Hopefully this clears your clutter like it did mine! 

Cleaning out your closet is the perfect time to identify what you already have on hand. How can you look for pieces to compliment your collection if you don’t know what’s in it? AND while you’re at it, take note of the pieces you haven’t worn at all in the past one, two, three, or more years— trust me we've all got clothes like that. Seriously though, if it's been in your closet for that long you're probably not going to wear it. A good closet purging is more than liberating. I recommend making a smoothie and giving it a go!

How often do you guys clean out your closet? 

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