How to Start A Capsule Wardrobe? - Part 1

 One of the things I tend to talk a lot about on is the “Capsule Wardrobe.” Since I still get a lot of DMs asking what it is and, how to start a new collection I think it’s time to spill the beans. A capsule wardrobe is: “According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that will not go out of fashion” so says Wikipedia. So basically it’s when you get together a bunch of pieces for your wardrobe that are season-less, classic, and mix-matchable. An effective capsule can give you the ability to go to your closet, and essentially get dressed in the dark - and look good.

Since building this is not by any means an easy task I will share the list I have in my phone of pieces I require for my collection. Well it’s more of a skeleton of classic menswear pieces that are essential to my style. Before you get discouraged, remember, carefully planned wardrobes don’t just develop by chance (in most cases anyway). Some sliver of serious thought has (or at least should have) been put into every purchase, there should be a reason for every piece you put in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe should have a level ease and, comfort to it while representing your signature style.

 ***Note: When drawing inspiration for your collection, please try not to get too wrapped up in other people’s style. Use other people’s looks for inspiration, not as blue prints as to what you should buy. Be yourself – you aren’t dressing someone else. Things will look far better on you if you are true to your own aesthetic, trust me I’ve been there lol.***

Here is my list directly pasted from my iPhone (I found the template online) to give you an idea of how i have things structured:


Formal Pieces

• Seasonal Weight Suit – would have 2 suits for Fall/Winter and 2 for Spring/Summer.

Fall/Winter: I would say any colors of black, gray, or navy. It doesn't have to be a 3 pc but focus on what's currently it a 1, 2, or 3 button suit. I would keep this basic as this is just your basic necessity suits that can be more of an everyday type of thing.  I would stay away from a full cord suit as this is too trendy for a basic.

Spring/Summer: I would say any colors of Khaki, gray, and navy as basics.  Cotton, or cotton blend. Focus on Spring fabrication...I wouldn't necessarily say a linen suit but maybe a linen blend. Linen tends to get very wrinkled and for a basic that's too trendy. It should still maintain it's structure and look neat. Of course you can recommend a cotton or cotton blend as these are great suiting fabrics for Spring.

You are right you can break the suit down into separates as well not with just the jacket but the pants be worn to produce a whole new look on their own as well.

• Navy Blue Corduroy Blazer – of course you can make the jacket from the suit work overtime, but the great thing about having another one is that I can play around with the details. A cord blazer can be a signature item and can be transitioned to fit into many looks seamlessly.

• White Pink & Blue Dress Shirts – make sure you focus on quality and fit. Get two solid versions of each color and then one more of each in a pattern such as a blue butcher’s stripe, gingham, and a white herringbone. Solids for sure. For pattern I would suggest a gingham and maybe a stripe.

• Black Tie Options – a solid silk neck tie in black, and a black bow tie in grosgrain for very formal moments. 

• Tuxedo – save up for this. All black.

• Seersucker Blazer/Shorts – for Alicia's wedding.

• Tuxedo Shirt – in white and same as above.

• Other Seasonal Bow/Ties – knitted silk ties in various colors. Grey and brown wool ties for winter. Madras and linen for summer. This is where you can throw subtle pops of color nothing too corny or stupid but tasteful and modern.

• Grey Wool Trousers – preferably in a dark grey, should be ok for work and casual depending on fit.

Since I generally have a more preppy-ish aesthetic this list may not be for everyone. However, this should give you the framework to find what works for you. I'll more tips soon so stay tuned! :-D

What's in your capsule collection? What would you change from the list above?

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