Meggings for Spring/Summer

As some of you may or may not know it is Perceived Style's anniversary today! Yay!

:-D. To kick off the festivities I thought it would be fun to touch on a trend I have been seeing a lot of this spring. Leggings on men or meggings as some have dubbed them. Essentially meggings are a form of tights made for a man’s body and built to be a bit more durable. Meggings are a smart and versatile way to be comfortable without wearing the traditional variety of men’s pants. They are made in a variety of colors and, most times look just like the everyday skinny jean. 

Granted there are some nay-sayers of course: -- Anderson Cooper called meggings "ridiculous," and someone at Buzzfeed said they "should not exist". Do they all have valid points yes, but style is all about perception and taste so there is bound to be someone who won’t be into it. I’ll admit I had just as strong an opinion about it but after wearing them to a meeting I couldn't be more thrilled. They were comfortable, surprisingly breathable, and supportive in all the right places. After slipping into them the uneasiness just washed right away and no one noticed they were men’s leggings!

That being said, if you are interested in giving them a go this spring here a few tips to help you out with your selection: 

  1. Fabric- The fabric they are made out of can make or break a look. Just like with any pair of jeans you want to shop for good quality. Generally a polyester-spandex blend seems to be the most durable and chic looking - while being breathable for spring/summer.
  2. Brand- Make sure you are buying the meggings specifically made for men. Women’s leggings are generally made from thin material which could mean the difference in showing the world your undercarriage or them flat out ripping.
  3. Use- Although a slight one there is a difference between gym tights and meggings. If you are getting some to work out in make sure they lean more to spandex as polyester blends aren't great to workout in. though this is more to taste.
  4. Style- As I said it’s all about you own personal taste. If you’re looking to mix it up this spring I say try them out. 

Below is some outfit inspiration to help out with pairing your meggings. 

What do you wear with your meggings/leggings? Do you like the look of meggings on men?

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